Mission: MNM Creative is a youth-led organization that leverages its creativity to assist DC in raising awareness, publicity and engagement in local issues that matter. It's primary objective is to build belonging through creative expression

This youth organization holds two fundamental beliefs:

1.  Artistic expression holds extraordinary power to promote positive change.

2.  Local DC youth hold extraordinary power to shape their communities.

What does MNM Creative do?  

MNM Creative seeks to build a community of artists that work together to help raise awareness about important issues that affect our city. It aims to achieve its mission by:

1) Organizing and hosting art events (exhibits, street art projects, or art competitions) that raise awareness about important causes affecting the DC community

2) Leading community service projects that serve the DC community

3) Partnering with existing organizations to support positive community-based initiatives

4) Providing opportunities for local DC youth to engage in community service