MNM The Artist

Drawing is both a “way out” and a “way in” for Marcelo. His art is a way out of his past, a place where he can settle his mind and stabilize his own difficult childhood experiences. It's also a way in to his own self, a place where he gets to learn about himself through a type of meditative practice with lines, fonts and color. Marcelo has found a place to simultaneously ground himself and his traumatic past and reinvent himself into a new present. He explores himself through his own artistic meditation—through hypnotic, repetitive colorful trends or through words or turns or phrases that blend playful, childhood expression with the harsh, raw experiences and perspectives he is all too familiar with.  


Rockeats Alcoreza

My name is Rockeats Alcoreza I'm from chocolate city. My movement is called STOP CHILD ABUSE: why beacuse there are so many kids out there being neglected, physically and mentally abused. Lets put our phones down and lets uplift these kids. I Grew up fast but one thing I'm glad that I held on to is my love towards art. I'm Hispanic with much pride in my Bolivian culture. I'm a visual artist and photographer (let's shoot) I'm known for my background patterns called (THE 88's) One of my goals in life is to help out the youth. Letting em know there is more to life than just to party and friends. Family over everything (F.O.E.) education is the key in life.



Dosa is a DC based artist who is inspired by colors, textures and rhythms.